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Welcome to the Hypixel Wiki and Directory! Its great to have you here. Here you can post pages of your creations/houses to show off to others! Please try to make your articles quite detailed, and follow the article guidelines here. This means we can all follow the same format and make sure each article reaches the minimum expectations. We also post about features/blocks and more, there is not yet a format for this but there soon will be!

Enjoy your stay! -Wiki Admins


The Hypixel Theatre - Owned by: TheLEGOTimeLord

TheLEGOTimeLord recently put on his first play here which had over 100 people in the audience. It was a spectacular show prepared in such short time! They had actors and everything!

Just message DerpyFanta on his wall to suggest a house you want to be featured!

NEWS For The Wiki

Today the wiki was released, now you can start making pages about your house and features in game! I hope we will now start to get an active community editing with new updates often!
DerpyFanta (talk) 14:03, October 11, 2015 (UTC)

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